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The #1 way to upgrade your life

The #1 way to upgrade your life
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Over the next few weeks, I will be trialing a different way of connecting with you.

Instead of long-form newsletters, I will send you insights and alpha as they become available. It will feel like you are part of the discussions I have with my closest friends, mentors, and others I interact with.

The heart of my offering is all about helping humans step into their freedom.

Freedom is self-determination. Freedom is the ability to steer my ship toward whatever fulfils my potential, inspiration, and purpose.

As such, freedom requires effort, responsibility, and ownership. It requires energy expenditure.

The moment we stop expending that energy, someone else will inevitably step in and fill the void.

A dirty home attract rodents. Rotten food attracts maggots. A weak organism attracts pathogens. But here is the key:

There is nothing wrong with maggots, rodents, and pathogens. They are all part of nature. They fulfil a purpose. Instead of blaming rats for invading our kitchen, we should reclaim ownership of our kitchen and clean it up.

Same applies to freedom. No tyrant can take our freedom away. It is us that relinquish and give it away.

The reason Western countries are where they are today is because their post-WW2 generations stopped expending effort.

We started believing there is such thing as a free lunch. We surrendered ownership of our land and means of production. We surrendered our ability to feed ourselves. We surrendered the ability to meet our own needs.

We replaced our skills with convenience. We relinquished our responsibility to get more comfort. We surrendered ownership for peace of mind.

Which takes us back to the essence of what I do.

Insanely Free is not a tirade against an unfair world. Blaming others for the ills of the world is disempowering. Protests are disempowering. Complaining is disempowering.

Insanely Free is about reclaiming ownership of our own lives. Ownership of everything: our health, our wealth, our relationships, our tools and technology. Everything.

Owning our life is:

  • Creating: Bringing things into existence. Example: Replace an hour of Netflix with an hour of writing, singing, exercising, walking in the park, fill-in-the-blank.
  • Caring: Taking care of our body. Example: Skip Deliveroo take-away. Prepare your own food. Move your body, meditate, sun your balls, dunno, anything other than sitting down.
  • Exploring: The only way we mature is by experimenting and figuring out what works and what doesn't. Preoccupied with safety won't get you anywhere worthwhile. Look; the moment we leave the house we face risks. Well, guess what, life is risk. Live your life, make mistakes and fail forward.

Oh, yeah, and having fun. But that tends to happen anyway, because creating is fun, caring is fun, and exploring is fun. Living life to the fullest is fun.

That's it for today.

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